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Complete integration of all lighting, electrical connection and medical gases needs for all
hospital rooms with classical care and similar treatment.

Lighting and distribution unit for headboards. Intended for sickrooms, but can also be used in laboratories or in the production of precision devices. The unit ensures direct and indirect lighting.

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Technical data for our products
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Please have a look why our flagship product has enabled us to build a brand known in the region and in the Russian Federation.

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Lighting: Indirect light (12000lm), direct light (3000lm), controllable light (600lm) according to the standard EN 12464-1.

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Power adapter: Two sockets with white earth contact (grid) and two sockets with red earth contact (unit).

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Communication: One communication socket RJ45 cat6.

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Hospital signaling: Connection terminal of hospital signaling with parallel keys
for calling the nurses and turning on / off of direct lighting as well as electronic circuit for providing these functions.

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Distribution of medical gases: A smaller number of medical gas connections (standard O2). KV5 and VAC can be modified at the customer's request.

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The color: Standard front face masks: RAL 9002, RAL 6027, RAL 5014,
RAL 7035. Other colors are available at the customer's request, as well as the imitation of the appearance of a tree of different structure.

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Equipment carrier: Medical rail L = 0.6m on the duct or on the wall below the medical gas connections.

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Technical drawings: Please download technical drawings here.


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