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Full integration of all lighting needs: a large number of
electrical connections, a large number of medical gas and
vacuum connections, as well as equipment carriers
("clean" and "dirty" medical tracks). It is made for intensive care rooms and similar treatments.

It is intended for intensive care rooms and similar treatments.


Technical data for our products
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Please have a look why our flagship product has enabled us to build a brand known in the region and in the Russian Federation.

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Lighting: The aluminum channel of light is separated from the basic channel, which allows the mounting of the monitor and other medical equipment and provides indirect light (12000 lm), direct light (3000 lm), and a control light (600 lm) is located on the base channel; all according to EN 12464-1 standard.

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Power supply: A large number of socket outlets (8 to 12 pcs) depending on the needs of users with a green color indication as a confirmation that the sockets are powered and are powered by the IT system, all according to the standard HD 60364-7-710. Large number of PINs for additional potential equalization (4 to 8 pieces).

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Communication: Two communication sockets (central monitoring and internet).

/ 04

Distribution of medical gases: Large number of medical gases and vacuum connections (standard 2O2, 2KV5, 2VAC).

/ 05

Hospital signaling: Invitation-resolution combination of hospital signaling system with handheld connector and call buttons for the nurses, doctors and call resolution, as well as an electronic on/off switching system for direct lighting.

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Color: The patient's set is made of anodized aluminum and is painted in natural aluminum color. Front anodized aluminum mask is painted with RAL5014 and RAL7035 colors. Other colors are available upon customer's request.

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Equipment carrier: A large number of medical rails, of which two are "clean" and one "dirty" with the whole length of the set, which allows for the installation of a large number of medical equipment carriers (monitors, infusion pumps, infusion solutions, etc.).

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Technical drawings: Please download technical drawings here.


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