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Complete integration of lighting requirements,
a large number of electrical outlets, medical
Gas and vacuum connections and equipment carriers
("dry" and "wet" side).

It is intended for intensive care rooms and similar treatments. It enables access to the patient from the front and back and thus the participation of a large number of employees during the procedure.


Technical data for our products
please see below.

Please have a look why our flagship product has enabled us to build a brand known in the region and in the Russian Federation.

/ 01

Lighting: Indirect lighting (12000lm), direct lighting (3000lm) and control light (600lm) in total according to standard EN 12464-1.

/ 02

Power adapter: A large number of sockets (8 to 12 pieces) as required by users with a green color indicator that confirms this. The sockets are supplied with power via the socket and are switched on in the IT system according to HD 60364-7-710 Default. Large number of PINs for additional equipotential bonding (4 to 8).

/ 03

Communication: Two communication sockets (central monitoring and Internet).

/ 04

Distribution of medical gases: Large number of medical gas and vacuum connections (standard 2O2, 2KV5, 2VAC).

/ 05

Hospital signaling: Invitation-resolving combination of hospital signaling system with manual connection and caller buttons for nurses, doctors and electronic on / off system for direct lighting.

/ 06

Assembly: Steel structure for attachment to the ceiling, adaptable to any type of ceiling.

/ 07

Equipment carrier: "Dry side" - a rotating support with two shelves and a shelf with drawers (monitors, aspirators, etc.) with a load of 150 kg. "Wet side" - a carrier of infusion solutions and infusion pumps.

/ 08

Technical drawings: Please download technical drawings here.


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