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COUNTER OF WORKING HOURS (KJ2000) BACTERICIDAL LAMPS BCS 2000 WITH ELECTRONIC SWITCH serves to turn on/off bactericidal devices and measure the total operating time of the device. After 8000 hours of operation, the LED signal appears as a sign that the device needs to be serviced (replacement of lamps and device filters). The time is shown by seven-segment displays. It shows the total time the device was in operation. The device may indicate a device failure.

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Features of the Control Unit (KJ2000)

The control unit provides contactless switching on/off of the lamp, display of the number of hours of operation, device failure signaling and BUS (RS485) communication to the BMS.

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Dimensions: 135 x 80 x 60mm

Weight: 0.5 kg

Connection voltage: 230V, 50Hz

Housing: ABS, white

Installation: 3M built-in dossage or superstructure OG dossage

Schematic of the connection of the control unit with the germicidal device


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